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The Greystones & Delgany Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) works to develop and implement local changes to become more energy-efficient, increase renewable energy and smart energy solutions. 

Our goal is to support local community, residential and business efforts to reach carbon zero. We do this by engaging in energy use surveys, identifying actions and upgrades of most value and benefit, and pooling resources, partners, contractors, and vendors to more efficiently and cost-effectively integrate solutions with impact.

Who we are

This SEC began and is a special subcommittee of Greystones Tidy Towns. Our community has embarked on this journey with support from Ireland’s, Wicklow CoCo, local community orgnisations, our local Council, business, and residents to measure and report on a baseline energy profile for our community.

Greystones & Delgany
Local Energy Baseline 2022

In 2021, with support from an SEAI grant our organisation conducted an online local residents energy survey as well as a professionally contracted field survey of a number of homes, business, and non-domestic buildings. Read our findings in our Energy Master Plan, just click below.

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Our Energy Use by Sector

0 %
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Public Sector
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0 %

The skinny: Our residential buildings make up most of the energy demand by sector.

Our Local Energy Consumption by Type

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0 %
0 %
Solid Fuel
0 %

Thermal (heating)

0 %
0 %


What does this say about our energy usage?

The energy demand for the Greystones/Delgany area shows that direct use of electricity is the largest proportion of energy demand by fuel type. Thermal fuels (fuels we use for heating) such as oil, gas and solid fuels make up a significant proportion of fuel consumption, with road fuels (petrol & diesel) making up the remainder.

Aside from Electricity, where a large percentage of Ireland’s supply comes from renewable wind sources, most of our energy demands are supplied by fossil fuels which have very high carbon footprints.

Our Local Impact:

Greystones & Delgany

Our Energy Costs
Energy Consumed
0 kWh
CO2 eq Emissions
0 Tons
New Trees Needed

The brass tacks: A community-wide approach must include climate actions including infrastructure upgrades to more drastically cut our CO2 emissions. There simply isn’t the space or time to solve the problem with new trees alone.

Opportunities for our Community

Opportunities are presented throughout our 2022 report, known as an Energy Mater Plan (EMP), for improvements in energy efficiency in the domestic, commercial, transport, and public sectors. The greatest opportunity lies in retrofitting residential, commercial and public sector buildings within Greystones/Delgany. Retrofitting will improve the thermal performance of the building, reducing carbon emissions, increasing comfort levels, and reducing the running costs for the buildings. 

Domestic Buildings

The proposed energy upgrades for domestic buildings include:

  • Roof insulation – improved thermal comfort.
  • Cavity & External/Internal wall insulation – improve thermal comfort.
  • Windows/Doors upgrade – improve thermal comfort.
  • Lighting – improved lighting levels and reduce electricity costs.
  • Heating upgrade (Heat pump) – improved efficiency and reduced heating costs.
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) – generating green electricity and reduced electricity costs.

Non-Domestic Buildings

The proposed energy upgrades for non-domestic buildings (e.g. commercial, institutional, and public sector) include:

  • Lighting – improved lighting levels and reduce electricity costs.
  • Boiler upgrades – improved efficiency and reduced heating costs.
  • Roof / wall / attic insulation – improve thermal comfort. 
  • Solar PV – generating green electricity and reduced electricity costs. 
  • EV charge points – offer new service for client/users.

Read our Energy Master Plan for comprehensive details on upgrades and actions.

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