Greystones & Delgany SEC

15. Appendices

Appendix A – Data from Top Down & Bottom Up Analysis The following tables represent the Energy Demand and associated CO2 emissions based on the Top-Down Data collected as part of establishing an energy baseline for the SEC Area. Figure 42: Breakdown of Energy Demand by Fuel Type and Sector for Greystones/Delgany Area – Top-Down […]

14. Reference Data

Census 2016 Population Figures obtained from Central Statistics Office (CSO)  [available online] National Energy Balance 2019 data obtained from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) [available online] Small Area Population, Housing and Commuting Data obtained from Central Statistics Office (CSO) [available online] Building Energy Rating (Ber) data obtained from the Sustainable […]

13. Conclusion

The Energy Master Plan is a core document for Greystones/Delgany SEC to manage, build upon and use in their plans a vision for their community. It is important that progress is monitored to help identify any obstacles that may arise and develop the solutions needed.  see projects through to completion. ensure the ultimate goals are […]

12. Next Steps

As the preliminary stages of this project demonstrated, communication and engagement with the local community is one the most important factors in bringing about change. A communication strategy could be a huge support to Greystones/Delgany SEC in delivering and further developing their Energy Master Plan (EMP) and assist in putting a plan in place to […]

11. Action Plan

11. Greystones and Delgany Energy Action Plan The following action plan is given as an example on how to put in place the recommendations listed in the Registers of Opportunities in Year 1. The scale of the action plan is directly related to the ambition of the community, the homeowners and the owners to implement […]

10. Funding and Support Options

To develop projects, the community should consider investigating options for interest finance loans and grants for energy upgrades and renewable energy projects.  For finance options, Clann Credo who run a Community Loan Finance Scheme. The Community Loan Finance Scheme is aimed at community and voluntary groups, charities, social enterprises and amateur sports club with affordable […]

9. Register of Opportunities

9. Energy Saving Opportunities Greystones/Delgany The register of opportunities presents a list of opportunities for Greystones/Delgany to consider in making their community more sustainable. Opportunities are listed for residential, commercial/SME, transport, community & public sector, and renewable energy. 3cea carried out 9 domestic energy audits and 4 non-domestic energy audits in the Greystones/Delgany area. The […]

8. Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Housing

8.1 Option a – A Fabric First approach The opportunities for home upgrades are listed in the table below. As all dwellings are different, each homeowner should look at the list and pick some measures depending on the characteristics of their home. The list below is ranked on a fabric first approach. Upgrading can also […]

7. Sectorial Energy Analysis

7.1 Residential Data From the top-down analysis, residential energy consumption represents 44% of energy demand in Greystones and Delgany. To review the residential sector further, national residential data was obtained from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), and the granular town data was obtained through the CSO’s Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS), which lists the housing […]

6. Baseline – Fuel Type & Sector Energy Demand

The top-down energy baseline provides a high-level breakdown of energy usage in the Greystones/Delgany area. This is based on national statistics and broken down to an area based on population. Specific characteristics of any town or village may result in some differences to these figures.  Energy demand analysis was broken down into sectors,  Residential – […]

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