Greystones & Delgany SEC

6. Baseline – Fuel Type & Sector Energy Demand

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The top-down energy baseline provides a high-level breakdown of energy usage in the Greystones/Delgany area. This is based on national statistics and broken down to an area based on population. Specific characteristics of any town or village may result in some differences to these figures. 

Figure 7: Breakdown of energy demand by fuel type
Figure 7: Breakdown of energy demand by fuel type 

Energy demand analysis was broken down into sectors, 

  • Residential – energy used for space and water heating in domestic settings.
  • Commercial – including SME’s, retail, hospitality, and industry.
  • Transport – commuting & goods vehicles.
  • Community & Public Sector – schools, churches, sports facilities, community halls and Local Authority & Government Buildings.
Figure 8: Breakdown of energy demand by sector
Figure 8: Breakdown of energy demand by sector 


Due to the potential anomalies in the data above, a bottom-up analysis was conducted to review local data to obtain a better percentage distribution across fuel type and sectorial breakdown for Greystones/Delgany SEC. This is included in the following section. 


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