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Deep retrofit grants of over €25,000 to be offered to householders via The Irish Times

Public sector grants and investments in private homes can be money very well spent. Deep retrofit do have global, regional, and individual benefit including:

  • Can save householders money in energy bills
  • Can make a warmer, drier, and less drafty home
  • Reduces a major stream of GHG emissions associated with heating and powering the home
  • In some cases significantly reduces harmful particulate emissions in and around the home (especially if home was heated with solid fuels)

Even with this new grant aid, deep retrofits still have a significant cost, but this is a really important step. Commonly questions arise as to the uptake if a homeowner still needs to invest €25K in addition to the grant money to fully fund a proper deep retrofit. Will there also be low-interest loans to support this very large upfront investment?

According to our recent 2022 EMP the simple payback period is on the longer side from 20-47 years, with the lowest-rated homes prior to retrofit having the fastest payback period.

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