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13. Conclusion

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The Energy Master Plan is a core document for Greystones/Delgany SEC to manage, build upon and use in their plans a vision for their community. It is important that progress is monitored to

  • help identify any obstacles that may arise and develop the solutions needed. 
  • see projects through to completion.
  • ensure the ultimate goals are achieved. 

Currently, it is estimated that Greystones/Delgany area is spending in the region of €54.4 million per year on energy and using 409,041,000kWh per year. 

If the residential projects are implemented for the 8 houses surveyed through this plan, this would equate to 167,468 kWh savings or average savings of 20,934 kWh per house. 

If the 4 non-domestic commercial projects which were surveyed were implemented, this would equate to 106,693 kWh or €16,292 per year. Reaching out to the wider community and identifying projects in the commercial, public sector and community will increase energy and cost savings. 

Transport is more challenging to quantify. With the increased role out of electric vehicles and charge points in the coming years our dependence on fossil fuels will be reduced. Renewable projects can be implemented at a local level through rooftop solar PV and retrofitting of heat pumps. 

Before 2030, Ireland will have transformed its energy sector to a high-renewable, low-carbon system. This will include achieving 70% renewable electricity through increased onshore and offshore wind, solar, microgeneration, and grid system infrastructure. The way we heat our homes and buildings will produce less greenhouse gas emissions and will be more energy efficient and comfortable. Ireland’s energy system will be more sustainable, secure, reliable and competitive, and will be on a pathway to net zero emissions by 2050.

Energy powers our daily lives in the way we live at home, how we work in business and how we move people and goods. The use of energy for the purposes of electricity, heat and transport generates almost 60% of Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, action in the energy sector will be critical to the achievement of Ireland’s climate targets.

It is the intention of Greystones/Delgany SEC to play an exemplary role in creating a sustainable future and to provide guidance and support to the various stakeholders and sectors in their area. It is important to note that without the will, resources and necessary supports, the completion of projects and the realisation of the goals and vision for Greystones/Delgany will be far more challenging. The implementation of the EMP will require engagement, time and support by the core team, the wider community, as well as funding from various agencies and organisations.


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