Greystones & Delgany SEC

1. Greystones/Delgany SEC – Community Charter

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Greystones/Delgany Sustainable Energy Community is a voluntary group that came together to increase awareness within our community of the negative impacts of climate change, explore options for reducing our use of and dependence on fossil-fuels and increase the energy efficiency of our buildings, transport and other aspects of our lives. The SEC is closely aligned with Greystones Tidy Towns and Delgany Tidy Towns and draws on their significant community involvement. We will cooperate with other voluntary and like-minded groups in the area to achieve these objectives.

Our vision: 

Our vision is to make a measurable contribution within our community to the long-term sustainability of our environment within a period of 5 years.

This will be achieved by:

  • Increasing awareness within the wider community of the challenges of climate change and what we as individuals and communities can do to reduce our dependence on the use of fossil-fuels while at the same time making our homes more comfortable and more energy efficient.
  • Exploring options to conserve energy and thereby reduce use of fossil fuels.
  • Exploring options to replace fossil-fuel energy use with more sustainable options.
  • Engaging in specific energy-conservation projects that will attract substantial funding from SEAI.
  • Supporting individuals in the community to undertake building/transport energy conservation projects by leveraging funding.
  • Working to create nearly zero energy buildings (nZEB)
  • Working as an action group within the community and with like-minded partners to reduce our negative impacts on the environment.

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